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Comprehensive search utility for Windows!

Everything is a popular search engine tool for Windows. usesquick indexing featuresto show folders and files. It's worth noting that Everything is known for its fast initial indexing, which takes about a minute to complete. According to the developers, indexing a new Windows 10 installer takes less than a second to complete. Unlike the Windows search function, everythingdisplays folders and files that match user input. In this way, you can use various filters for advanced searches that provide precise results.

Quick and easy to use search function!

Everything is one of the most useful tools for Windows PC that bypasses the built-in search feature to give you results. Commonsimple and clean interface, the software displays real-time results for all folders and files on local storage. Also, the program searches for subsections, providing a detailed list. Although Everything does not perform more than search, it is preferred for its power, stability, and efficiency. DifferentJetSearch inteligentemiDuplicate Media Finder, Todo is a lightweight tool thatdoes not slow down your system.

How to use All?

Everything comes with a simple interface, making the program easy to use. The tool is divided into two parts, namely the search function and the results page. After downloading, installing and running Everything for the first time,creates an index of all folders and fileson your computer Whether your PC has a few files or hundreds of folders, the process will be complete before you know it. Searches are done in real time, keeping you up to date on all folders and files.


When it comes to the 'results' screen, you can see seven categories, namely Name, Size, Creation Time, Path, Last Write Time, Attributes, and Last Access Time. While ranking doesn't take much time, the speed slows down considerably for more than 1000 search results.

In addition to the basic search function, Everything allows you to share files with HTTP, ETP or FTP servers. In addition, users can performremote surveys with minimal resources. While Windows Search is a fairly simple tool, Everything is great for PCs with lots of folders and files scattered all over the place.

Is everything compatible with 32-bit Windows?

All isCompatible with Windows 32 and 64 bitsprocessors. The latest version of the program is available for portable devices. The tool runs under administrator or user accounts. For the latter, Everything must run as a service intended for NTFS indexing. In case you encounter a problem, the developers provide excellent support and help. It is worth mentioning that the tool is available in more than one language.

Is everything searchable emails?

If you are looking for a program to search emails,To watchit will be a better choice. While Everything makes it easy to find files and folders on your local storage, it doesn't index email. It is a general purpose tool that is effective for locating documents. However, it lacks full-text search and tries to focus on keywords and search phrases to crawl your hard drive.

Other advanced features in All

It all comes with a wide range of features. For example, it supports the ReFS file system. In simple terms, the tool indexes fixed ReFS volumes automatically. Users can easily add removable volumes or manage the ones to be indexed in the options. Also, the latest version of Everything introduces more indexing options.

By default, the tool indexes the file modification date and size. Also, you canadd file creation, access dates, file attributes, and file sizein the indices. Although this requires a bit more memory, it gives you all the information instantly.

Of everythingsupports quick sort, you can go through multiple data sets and downloads in seconds. The tool remembers your searches and provides advanced search results to help you build complex queries. They can be used to find hundreds of files using parameters such as file keywords, date modified, location, file names, size, and much more.

With Everything, you can enjoy multi-file renaming, which allows you to rename many files at once. The program also supports changing extensions, file names, and replacing text in files. You can even edit all the file names in a box simultaneously.

DifferentQ4 surveymiCommander, Everything is focused on the search for content. In this way, you can search for keywords, phrases, and other text in the files. It is worth noting that the feature does not support non-indexed files and decreases system performance.

Every time you add a new volume or remove an existing one, Everything will perform a quick reindex operation. The previous version included units that have not changed. On the other hand, the latest version uses updated indexes and ignores drives where no changes were made.

Everything features a "Preview" panel where you can find detailed information about the files. Also, you can preview all the files listed in the form of thumbnails. This feature doeseasier to filter and sort multiple filesno computer

Overall, Everything is a great program for finding and organizing files and folders on your PC. With a simple interface, it is easy to use and does not affect the performance of your computer. The portable version makes it easy to install Everything on any device. Undoubtedly, Everything is a complete and feature-rich utility tool.

A simple but powerful tool!

Everything is a comprehensive search feature for Windows PC. It has the power to replace the usual Windows search utility. Since the program displays all the folders and files on your PC in seconds, it is a much better option. In addition, you can use the search filter and sort the results according to your needs. If you are using Windows 7, Windows 10 or any other version of Microsoft Windows in disarray, everything will be a lifesaver.



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